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Welcome to the Bremen Cemetery. 60+ acres where nature and people coexist amid an active rural community. Our goal is to provide a serene, beautiful, and safe environment where visitors can peacefully visit past relatives and/or friends.

The caretakers of the Historic Bremen Cemetery, located on East 2nd St. in the Northeast corner of Bremen, are Steve Erivin - Sexton and George Misner. Members of the Cemetery Board include, Lowell Martin, Carol Young and Janet Anglemyer.

The true history of the Bremen Cemetery is enshrouded in mystery. Some accounts state that the cemetery started as a small church cemetery behind the 1st Lutheran church in Bremen. Others state that it was behind the 1st church of the Brethren sometime in the early 1800's. We do know that an old building's foundation was discovered in the southeast area of the present cemetery. It is said that the cemetery was turned over to German Township after the church moved and finally the town of Bremen took possession of the cemetery in the early 1930's. Before 1930 there were no written records of any burials in the cemetery but after an exhaustive recording and reading survey by the town of Bremen and the Marshall County Historical Society, new light has been shed on older burials and a far more up-to-date list has been compiled. Burials once thought lost are now recorded on a modern computer program at the Town Hall and also are available at the Bremen Public Library.

The mausoleum-chapel project is a much needed and attractive addition to the Bremen cemetery. The mausoleum containing 192 crypts and 70 cremation niches offers an affordable alternative to underground burial. The growing popularity of mausoleums is explained by the preference of many people for the clean, dry and ventilated crypts that mausoleums provide. The beautiful chapel can be used, not only for mausoleum interment services, but also for graveside services during inclement weather, or any other time if desired. The dignified and serene setting of the chapel is very comforting.

The Bremen mausoleum-chapel was constructed by the Gibraltar Mausoleum Co. of Indianapolis, one of the nation's largest and most experienced builders of mausoleums. The mausoleum is constructed of reinforced concrete, with imported Italian marble and granite crypt covers. Information regarding crypt and niche costs and chapel use can be obtained at the Clerk's office at the Bremen Town Hall or by calling (574) 546-2471 M-F 8am-5pm.

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

  1. No GLASS ornaments or containers of any kind are allowed.
  2. Absolutely no AGGREGATE, CRUSHED STONE or loose material shall be placed on lots.
  3. No markers, concrete aprons, flower vases, monuments or plantings of any nature whatsoever shall be set or installed until approval of proper cemetery authority has been given.
  4. Ornaments, decorations, plantings, etc. which constitute nuisances to the proper maintaining of the cemetery grounds may be removed by the cemetery sexton or assistant sexton. Such ornaments include: plastic animals, fences, PLASTIC flowers, plastic lawn ornaments, wire baskets and urns, or any such materials that could cause personal injury or property damage if thrown from mowing equipment. The surface of the lawn shall be kept clear of all obstructions which would interfere with the care of the lawn and the view of the landscape.
  5. All shrubs and plantings of any nature MUST be located on the ends of monuments or markers and must be in line with the surfaces of such monuments. No plantings shall be allowed to grow so as to extend over the lines of the owners cemetery lot(s) as originally purchased. Cemetery personnel shall have the right to remove any such plantings that they deem are in violation, or any shrubs left to grow rampant creating and unsightly appearance to the cemetery landscape.
  6. All artificial flower arrangements must either be mounted to the monument or marker, or must be in metal or concrete containers.
  7. All tree and shrub trimmings shall be removed from the cemetery grounds and not left on the lot, along the drives or piled in and around the trash barrels. A dumpster is located at the north end of drive 5 for the disposal of such trimmings, bagged or bulky items.
  8. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in the cemetery from 4:00pm - 7:00am unless accompanied by an adult.
  9. Funeral processions shall have absolute priority over any activities while on cemetery grounds. In the event of a funeral, drives must be kept clear and unobstructed for the procession. When informed by cemetery officials to move vehicles, please do so immediately to an area that will not interfere with the funeral procession.

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Community Calendar


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