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Did You Know How Bees Help Your Family?


A lot of people have been talking about bees lately. That’s because the bee population has been getting smaller and smaller. Is any of this a problem for your family?

Actually, it might become a major problem. Bees affect our food supply and support a lot of jobs. Without enough bees in the world, your family’s food supply is threatened. That’s because bees are directly related to seeds.

Image Source: Pixabay

Bees Help Your Diet & Bank Account

Plants come from seeds, but where do seeds come from? Plants depend on pollination to make new seeds. And when it comes to pollination, it’s hard to find any animal that does it better than bees. When bees eat nectar from flowers, they collect pollen. Then, they visit a new flower, pollinating it.


This is vital to the food supply. Roughly one-third of all food crops depend on bees to pollinate and make new seeds. That includes watermelons, apples, almonds, coffee, strawberries, and more. If bees continue to disappear, these plants can die out. That means higher prices for these foods — until they disappear as well. No more strawberries for your kids.


Even if you don’t care about those foods, these are big business. $15 billion dollars’ worth of crops in the US depend on bees. If these crops cannot produce seeds, those jobs will vanish. 

Even A Small Garden Will Help (Perennial)

You don’t want those crops or jobs to go away, but what can you do? There’s an easy and effective way you can help bees: Build a bee-friendly garden.


A flowering garden like this gives bees a place they can find food and rest, supporting bees in your region. Bee Spotter has an excellent page describing how to make this garden. Focus on plants native to the area around you, and make sure you avoid pesticides. These will poison bees as well.


Before you head to the home improvement store to buy some flowers, it can help to know some of the terms used in gardening and landscaping. lists a few you should know, including:

      Annual: A plant that flowers once and then dies when the weather turns colder.

      Biennial: A plant that lives for two years but only flowers in the second year.

      Island bed: A flower bed set apart from the rest of your yard.

      Perennial: A plant that flowers and lives for multiple years.


If you don’t have a yard, even a small garden in some pots or window boxes can help. Besides, building a garden is great for a family. It teaches kids a lot about nature, and it keeps them away from their phones and video games for a while.

Buy Organic For More Support

You should skip the pesticides or herbicides in your garden because those hurt bees. But that’s also why you should buy organic foods.


As Buzz About Bees explains, organic produce is made without any such toxins. While the toxins are not harmful to you, they hurt bees looking to those plants for their flowers and food. Many farmers continue to use these chemicals because people buy their produce.


By spending your money on organic produce, you’re showing that organic farming can still make money. This will drive more people to organic methods that won’t hurt bees. Organic foods can also be healthier for your family to eat.

Bees Are Great For Your Family

Bees are not aggressive, so if your family leaves them alone, they leave you alone. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Bees are vital to your family’s food supplies and budget. That’s why you need to create a bee-friendly garden and start buying more organic foods. Your family will thank you. 

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